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November 2018

Red Lifeguard Chair For Christmas!

By M. Rodriguez 1 years ago 342 Views No comments

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All I want for Christmas is a Red Lifeguard Chair! The color red is the most well known Lifeguard color and a Lifeguard Chair in the color Red is the perfect way to let aquatics facility patrons know the location and use of the Lifeguard Chair.

Lifeguard Chair Lumber Sets New Standard!

By M. Rodriguez 1 years ago 377 Views No comments

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Everondack® Lifeguard Chairs are made from Recycled Plastic EverLumber™, a super strong, amazingly durable material that holds up to the intense weather and use conditions that Lifeguard Chairs face everyday. EverLumber is setting the new standard among Lifeguard Chair fabrication materials.

Lifeguards Dig Lifeguard Chair!

By M. Rodriguez 1 years ago 448 Views No comments

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The Everondack® Lifeguard Chair is beloved by Lifeguards worldwide!