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  1. Life Vest Rack Holds Life Jackets

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    Life Vest Racks are maintenance-free and made from recycled milk containers. They never need painting or staining. They have no straps to replace and will not rot, splinter, or rust. They are resistant to salt water and can be left out year-round. All fasteners are stainless steel. Available in 3 Sizes, the Everondack® Life Vest Rack is designed to hold the desired number of Life Jackets.
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  2. Lifeguard Backboard Stand Ready For Use!

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    Are you looking for a Lifeguard Backboard Stand that fits all eLifeguard™, EMMOBILIZE™, CJ, and most other universal backboards? The Everondack® Backboard Stand is ideal for Lifeguards and First Responders that need quick and easy access to immobilization equipment at a moments notice!

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  3. Lifeguard Chair Gets Wheels!

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    Lifeguard Chairs are only as good as where they are located. Positioning a Lifeguard Chair in the perfect spot to guard aquatic facility patrons is crucial. Wheels allow Lifeguard Chairs to be easily rolled around to the ideal spot for Lifeguarding.

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  4. Lifeguard Umbrella Shows Lifeguards Shade!

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    It's now Mid-Summer and the Sun is blazing! Lifeguards are looking to Lifeguard Umbrellas to give them some shade. Lifeguard Umbrellas help keep Lifeguards cooler and help provide protection from the Sun's damaging rays.

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  5. Lifeguard Stand Stands Alone!

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    In many Lifeguarding situations such as at Waterparks, Lazy Rivers, Waterslides, etc., Lifeguards need to be on their feet and ready for action at a moments notice. The Lifeguard Stand Up Station keeps Lifeguards cooler and has their LIFE™ Rescue Tube right at hand. New Lifeguard Stand Up Station includes Umbrella Stand, LIFE™ Tube Holder, and Lifeguard Footprint.

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