1. Lifeguard Chairs .com Calls Out High Lifeguard Chair Prices!

    View Lowest Priced Lifeguard Chairs! is beating the competition hands down with the lowest prices on high quality Lifeguard Chairs! Also, all Lifeguard Chairs are FREE SHIPPING!

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  2. Red Lifeguard Chair For Christmas!

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    All I want for Christmas is a Red Lifeguard Chair! The color red is the most well known Lifeguard color and a Lifeguard Chair in the color Red is the perfect way to let aquatics facility patrons know the location and use of the Lifeguard Chair.

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  3. Lifeguard Chair Lumber Sets New Standard!

    See Lifeguard Chair Lumber In Use!

    Everondack® Lifeguard Chairs are made from Recycled Plastic EverLumber™, a super strong, amazingly durable material that holds up to the intense weather and use conditions that Lifeguard Chairs face everyday. EverLumber is setting the new standard among Lifeguard Chair fabrication materials.

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  4. Lifeguards Dig Lifeguard Chair!

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    The Everondack® Lifeguard Chair is beloved by Lifeguards worldwide!

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  5. Hey Lifeguards, Stay Cool In The Shade!

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    Lifeguards are always trying to find ways to stay cool and keep the sun at bay. Lifeguards love the Everondack® Lifeguard Umbrellas because it helps keep them cool at a great price.

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  6. Beach Lifeguard Chairs Stands Tall!

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    Everondack® Beach Lifeguard Chairs and Lifeguard Stands are designed and built by Lifeguards who go the extra mile to make certain that you as the customer receive only the very best quality and design Lifeguard Chairs and Stands.

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  7. Lifeguard Chairs Stand Tall At FRPA Conference!

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    Everondack® Lifeguard Chairs were on display at the 2018 Florida Recreation & Park Association (FRPA) Conference & Trade Show last week. Pictured here is Everondack Lifeguard Chair Model LG 505 in color Aruba. This exciting new Lifeguard Chair color has been very popular with Waterparks especially in Florida and Mexico.
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  8. Lifeguard Chair Cup Holder Keeps Lifeguards Hydrated!

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    It is very important that Lifeguards stay hydrated especially when sitting in the hot sun. The Recycled Plastic Lifeguard Chair Cup Holder helps Lifeguards keep much needed fluids close by.
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  9. Lifeguard Backboard Stand Ready For Use!

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    Are you looking for a Lifeguard Backboard Stand that fits all eLifeguard™, EMMOBILIZE™, CJ, and most other universal backboards? The Everondack® Backboard Stand is ideal for Lifeguards and First Responders that need quick and easy access to immobilization equipment at a moments notice!

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  10. Lifeguard Chair Gets Wheels!

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    Lifeguard Chairs are only as good as where they are located. Positioning a Lifeguard Chair in the perfect spot to guard aquatic facility patrons is crucial. Wheels allow Lifeguard Chairs to be easily rolled around to the ideal spot for Lifeguarding.

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