1. Lifeguard Chairs .com Calls Out High Lifeguard Chair Prices!

    View Lowest Priced Lifeguard Chairs! is beating the competition hands down with the lowest prices on high quality Lifeguard Chairs! Also, all Lifeguard Chairs are FREE SHIPPING!

  2. Red Lifeguard Chair For Christmas!

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    All I want for Christmas is a Red Lifeguard Chair! The color red is the most well known Lifeguard color and a Lifeguard Chair in the color Red is the perfect way to let aquatics facility patrons know the location and use of the Lifeguard Chair.

  3. Lifeguard Chair Lumber Sets New Standard!

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    Everondack® Lifeguard Chairs are made from Recycled Plastic EverLumber™, a super strong, amazingly durable material that holds up to the intense weather and use conditions that Lifeguard Chairs face everyday. EverLumber is setting the new standard among Lifeguard Chair fabrication materials.

  4. Lifeguard Chair Cup Holder Keeps Lifeguards Hydrated!

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    It is very important that Lifeguards stay hydrated especially when sitting in the hot sun. The Recycled Plastic Lifeguard Chair Cup Holder helps Lifeguards keep much needed fluids close by.
  5. Lifeguard Chair Gets Wheels!

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    Lifeguard Chairs are only as good as where they are located. Positioning a Lifeguard Chair in the perfect spot to guard aquatic facility patrons is crucial. Wheels allow Lifeguard Chairs to be easily rolled around to the ideal spot for Lifeguarding.

  6. Portable Lifeguard Station More Than A Guard Chair!

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    Place your Lifeguard where the action is with the Portable Lifeguard Station. New & improved proprietary heavy duty recycled plastic wheel construction for easy mobility. Click here to purchase from our nationwide online distributor.

  7. New Lifeguard Platform Chairs Get Portable!

    Get Portable!

    In certain situations Lifeguards need to be able to move the Lifeguard Chair around on the aquatic facility deck. This is often a difficult task with standard Lifeguard Chairs. Now such a Lifeguard Chair move is easy to do with the Lifeguard Platform Chair.

  8. New Lifeguard Chair Is A Tall Order!

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    The ONLY Tall, Portable Guard Station on the Market! Place your Lifeguard where the action is with the Portable Guard Station.

  9. Don't Let A Great Lifeguard Chair Pass You By!

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    The Lifeguard Season will be soon upon us! What better time to get a high quality Lifeguard Chair from Everondack® that will last for many years! Everondack Lifeguard Chairs have great features such as an Umbrella Holder and Rescue Tube Holder.

  10. Idaho Lifeguards Discover Lifeguard Chairs!

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    Idaho Lifeguards are preparing for the quickly approaching Lifeguard season. An important part of their preparation is finding the right Lifeguard Chair. Idaho Lifeguards along with Lifeguards throughout the country have discovered that all of the high quality Lifeguard Chairs from come with Free Shipping. It doesn't get any better than a great Lifeguard Chair and Free Shipping, too!

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