1. Find the Ideal Lifeguard Umbrella for Your Lifeguard Chair right here!

    Find the ideal Lifeguard Umbrella for Your lifeguard chair! You'll find umbrellas such as the Solarlyte™ Lifeguard Print Umbrella, the Solarlyte™ XL Lifeguard Umbrella and more!

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  2. These Lifeguard Umbrellas are Perfect for Lifeguards!

    These Lifeguard Umbrellas are perfect for lifeguards! They are made of tough, weather-resistant, nylon and vinyl laminate. They feature a heavy-duty 7' 3" pole with a touch-a-matic tilting device that allows easy repositioning as the sun's position changes throughout the day.

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  3. Sunsetional Shading EVERONDACK® UMBRELLA

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    • Ideal for lifeguards!
    • Durable, lightweight, & tilts, UPF rating 55+
    • Unique vented design allows wind to pass through keeping lifeguards cool & preventing the umbrella from inverting
    • Manual lift with tilt
    • Includes carry pouch/bag
    • Exterior:
      • Platinum
    • Dimensions:
      • 6' Canopy x 6' 10" Length x 1 1/8" Pole Diameter
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